So How are you Guys Hope You’re doing great in your life, and if you ended down here then you must be full of frustration to find the solution, so let's start.

STEP1: Delete the default route i.e by the following command

STEP2: Then get the IP address of the node (computer) that you want to attach to this mesh.
To make this Easy I’ll take System A, System B, System C

The Above command u need to run in system A and system C

After that, you will not be able to ping to any website or node(computer)

STEP3: Now Add the IP address of System A and C in the system B by the following command

Do the above step 2 times(TWICE) once for system A and System C replacing the detail with system-A only

AND then You're done with the setup from System-B you can ping to system A and System C but sys-A and sys-C can’t making the complete tunnel for data flow.




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